Company Profile

iEquity Technologies Corporation (iEquity) is a SEC registered company and is engaged in the business of trading of computer parts and peripherals.

iEQUITY was established on June 29, 2010, by its incorporators to serve the small, medium and large business enterprise and to assist them in procuring the best, appropriate and cost-effective IT equipment and solutions.

iEquity Technologies Corporation is 100% Filipino owned corporation and is compose of experienced individuals who have been in the IT industry for more than twenty (20) years. The company started with the solid support of its incorporators who form part of the management team. We capitalize on each individual skills, talents, capabilities and strengths coupled with shared dedication, hard work, determination and common goal to become one of the leading IT companies in the Philippines.

iEquity Technologies Corporation is up to date with the latest and the best IT Products and Solutions in the market. Our constant exposure to various Product Trainings, Boot Camps, Sales Conferences and Sales Enablement sponsored by our vendors and distributors have greatly helped us to cope with the rapid technological change worldwide.

No matter how successful the company may have performed in the past years, every moment brings in new sets of challenges and competitions. In order to meet the demand of a fiercely competitive IT market place, we put emphasis in our after sales support services. Our business is built on repeat customers with oral or written recommendation that resulted in bringing in new sets of opportunities, new sets of customers that eventually made our company as one of the recognize name in the IT Industry.